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“This was an awesome experience and it provided with invaluable information during a confusing time in my life. The information I learned has definitely impacted my outlook on life and plans I have for my future.” -Martine F.

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About Hand Analysis

Throughout your life, you’ve had a series of experiences. Some experiences were probably wonderful and beautiful, while others were full of struggle. While we all have these different types of experiences, there is a reason that you experience life as you do. And when we have these experiences, we have some very powerful stories to tell. These stories, that we tell others and most importantly, the ones we tell ourselves, can hold us back from living our most fulfilling life. The underlying reasons behind the stories, however, can be revealed through your fingerprints and the lines within your palm. At its core, Hand Analysis is a tool for deep personal awareness.

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How does a reading work?

When you contact me we will have a brief (free) conversation to ensure that you fully understand what you will get from a reading and to ensure that you want to work together. After our conversation I will send you an ink kit that contains; ink for your hands, explicit instructions for printing your hands, and instructions on returning the prints. All prints must be returned within 60 days. Once I receive your prints, I will contact you to schedule your phone reading. Readings typically last anywhere between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

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Your hands are the key to your soul...