About Hand Analysis

Throughout your life, you’ve had a series of experiences.  Some experiences were probably wonderful and beautiful, while others were full of struggle.  While we all have these different types of experiences, there is a reason that you experience life as you do.  And when we have these experiences, we have some very powerful stories to tell.  These stories, that we tell others and most importantly, the ones we tell ourselves, can hold us back from living our most fulfilling life.  The underlying reasons behind the stories, however, can be revealed through your fingerprints and the lines within your palm.  At its core, Hand Analysis is a tool for deep personal awareness.

Your unique fingerprint patterns are formulated in the womb, five months prior to birth.  Your fingerprints remain unchanged throughout your entire lifetime and contain the blueprint to your soul; your reason for being on earth.  The lines in the palm of your hands, reveal your personality and can change throughout your life.  During a Hand Analysis session, I integrate the information from both your fingerprints and your palm to paint a picture of the gifts you have to share with the world and the obstacles that potentially get in the way or your blind spots.  Ultimately, having the awareness of your gifts and your blind spots lead to more conscious living.  When you expand your consciousness, you enhance your ability to live your most fulfilling and joyful life.

People often tell me that the information from a Hand Analysis session helped to articulate things they always knew in their hearts to be true, but to which they could never assign language or communicate.  In being able to articulate the gifts and challenges within our soul we are able to live on an enlightened path.  While life may not seem to get easier, the ability to identify your gifts and especially the lessons that arise, the more easily you will be able to grow and move forward on your life’s journey.

So, what stories are you telling yourself and how are they serving you?


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