How does a reading work?

When you contact me we will have a brief (free) conversation to ensure that you fully understand what you will get from a reading and to ensure that you want to work together.  After our conversation I will send you an ink kit that contains; ink for your hands, explicit instructions for printing your hands, and instructions on returning the prints.  All prints must be returned within 60 days.  Once I receive your prints, I will contact you to schedule your phone reading.  Readings typically last anywhere between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.


I’m scared that you are going to tell me something “bad.”

While this feeling is common and completely normal, please know that there is nothing “good” or “bad” in the hands.  As my teacher Kay always says, there is a “good hair day” and “bad hair day” version of everything we see in the hands.  So, even if you hear something that you don’t necessarily like or doesn’t feel positive, nothing is set in stone and bad hair day version of a trait can always be exalted into the positive state.


What if I don’t live nearby?

No problem!  Ninety-eight percent of my Hand Analysis sessions are conducted over the phone.  So, no matter where you reside geographically, if you want a reading, we can do it easily!


Are you a therapist/psychologist/social worker?

No.  I am not a therapist, psychologist, social worker or any other licensed medical professional, nor do I claim to be.  I do, however, hold my Coaching Certification through LifeBound.


Are you psychic?

While I believe that everyone has intuition, I am not able to predict your future.  Likewise, the information in your hands is not predictive in nature.  Hand Analysis is a tool for deeper self-awareness.  You can gain great insights from a reading, which can enable you to make choices about your future, but your future and how you intend to write it is entirely up to you and your free will!

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