Life Purpose/Lesson Reading- $175.00

  • Life Purpose/Lesson readings last between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours.  Prior to our meeting/conversation, I will mail you an ink kit which you will use to print your hands.  Once I receive your prints, I analyze them and set-up our phone conversation.  During this time, we will discuss your Soul’s Agenda, which consists of your Life School, Life Purpose, and Life Lesson.  This is the most popular service.  During this time, we will look deep into your soul to discover the gifts you have to share with the world and the potential obstacles that may stand in your way through your journey.


Life Purpose Compatibility Readings – $350

  • This service includes all of the information from a Life Purpose/Lesson Reading for you and for your partner.  Once we’ve delved deeply into each of your souls, we will look at the combined life purpose and lessons you share as a couple.  These readings are extremely powerful tool for gaining personal insight, but also a greater understanding of the needs of your partner and how you can grow together in the most positive and productive ways.

Parent/Child Life Purpose Reading (children 18 and under) – $250

  • Are you a parent interested in learning about how you can best challenge and support your child through all phases of life?  If so, this session is for you.  We will print the hands of both you and your child to look at the potential obstacles that you might face within the parent/child dynamic, but also how you can best support your child on their personal journey.


 Coaching Services:

(Please inquire for current rates)

After a hand reading, I commonly get the question, “So what do I do with this information? How do I use it to grow?”  While there are a number of ways to tackle this question, one of the ways is through coaching.  During a coaching session, we will work together to achieve your goals over the course of several months.  During coaching calls, we focus on understanding how the information in your hands manifests itself in the physical world and the different ways to acknowledge your “stuff” and move through your journey in a way that is positive, healing, and much faster than perhaps if you tried to go at it alone.  Coaching is founded on the notion that you have your own best answers, but through the powerful questions I will ask, you will come to realize your greatest potential!

Palmistry Parties:
(Please inquire for current rates)

Palmistry parties are a great way to entertain your guests and I guarantee that you will be talking about this for days!  During a party, I provide 5-10 minutes (or longer depending on the number of guests) mini-readings to your guests.  This can be a great way to get to know your friends better and gain deeper personal insights.  Don’t worry, if your guests are shy we can keep it confidential!  As the host of the event, you also receive a free Life Purpose/Lesson Reading at a separate time after the event.  Some popular events include:

  • Corporate Events
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Bridal Showers
  • Ladies’ Nights
  • Graduation Paties
  • Project Graduation
  • Gatherings of all kinds

College Events:
(Please inquire for current rates)

As a former college administrator, I can attest to the power of a hand reading for this population.  Students are intrigued by the information they hear and can use the information to make informed decisions about a number of transitional and educational concerns.  Some of the most popular ways in which hand analysis can be used with college students are through:

  • Majors and Minors Fairs
  • Metaphysical/Spiritual Fairs
  • Residence Hall Programs
  • Campus Activities Board Events
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness
  • Heartlines and Healthy Relationships
  • Staff Development and Team Building (this works for our higher education professionals too!)

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