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Lindsay M
I’m Lindsay – a  Scientific Hand Analyst certified through the American Academy of Hand Analysis.  I was born and raised in the Northeast and despite the geographic  journey my education has taken me, I found my way back to New Jersey.  I hold a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies with a concentration in Higher Education and Student Affairs.  After serving the Higher Education industry for 10 years, I decided to do some wise wandering into the private sector.  While I spend my days as a consultant, I moonlight as a Hand Analyst and consider myself to be the least “woo-woo” spiritual guide you will ever find!

If you are reading this, you are most likely looking for something; deeper meaning, happiness, love, joy, self-awareness, or simply some answers to the complexities of this thing called life!

When I first had my own hands read in 2010, I was in that same place. I felt exhausted by life and could not answer the question of “why.”  Although on the outside I had a great life and knew I should only be grateful, I could not help but feel deeply empty; I was looking for love, trying to figure out what I was meant to do with my career, and ultimately, trying to determine why I was put on this earth and what I was meant to share with the world.  My Hand Analysis session marked the beginning of a very powerful journey….

Now let’s be clear about this – Hand Analysis does not predict your future; in fact, far from it.  Your hands reveal your Soul’s agenda and your personality traits.  Imagine someone who just met you being able to describe your personality and bring a level of deeper awareness to why you are the way you are and help you understand the lens through which you perceive life.  Essentially, your hands reveal your highest potential.  As a Hand Analyst, it is my sincerest desire to help you awaken and realize the gifts you were meant to share with the world and bring awareness to the potential obstacles and road blocks you may face along the way.  Together, we will explore the secrets within your hands and transcribe your soul’s purpose.  After all, the more consciously you can live, the easier it becomes to live joyfully.

It is my sincerest passion and pleasure to serve as your guide, if you so choose, throughout this deeply personal journey.

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