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Check out what people are saying about their readings:

“My hand analysis session with Lindsay was truly amazing and inspiring. She is extremely articulate and well-versed in hand analysis, yet she also has the true gift of explaining each analysis so clearly and thoroughly that you truly walks away from a session with her feeling completing understood, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Rather than needing to explain yourself or your feelings, Lindsay already has a deeper interpretation of who you are and uses this deeper understanding to provide guidance and direction. I was amazed at how much I learned about myself from my session with Lindsay. I left the session with such clarity and a  much better understanding of what my life lessons are and how I can utilize my personality traits to help live my most fulfilling life.” -Alison A.


“This was an awesome experience and it provided with invaluable information during a confusing time in my life. The information I learned has definitely impacted my outlook on life and plans I have for my future.”  -Martine F.


“In 45 minutes, you uncovered what my therapist has slowly revealed over the course of 3 months.” – Anonymous


“It was amazing what Lindsay was able to tell me about myself based on my hand analysis.  She hit on aspects of me that I would never have been able to articulate at this point of my life, but as soon as she described my life purpose and life lessons, what she was saying instantly resonated with me. It really gave me great clarity and peace of mind to hear someone else say things about me that helped me more fully recognize how I am predisposed to be, helping me to become even more self aware.  What she said just made so much sense. It is easier to cut yourself a break, when you realize that you are hardwired to be a certain way – at least it has been easier for me now to ‘let go’. I believe my reading will help me with many career and personal decisions down the road that I’ve been struggling with, now that I’ve started to understand how to live more in alignment and to approach some things a little differently. Everyone needs to get this done, so you can see for yourself! Lindsay will take you on a journey through yourself that will get you thinking in ways you can’t anticipate!”  -Aileen S.


“Learning my life lesson- you allowed me to see that I was living in the inverse, which is exhausting, and gave me hope about the future. You articulated thoughts and ideas that I was never able to put into words.” – Anonymous


“The things that are true about me are apparently shining through–even the things I should be working on.” – AW


“The reading definitely highlighted areas in my life that I have been ignoring or devaluing. It helped me to reflect upon areas that I place importance/time toward and areas where I should shift more attention/effort.” -BD


“Lindsay is so relatable and down to earth!  She makes the process of getting to know yourself not only fun, but insightful and energizing.  She has helped me see things about myself in a way I had never looked at them before, and opened up a whole new level of self-awareness.”  -Nicole A.

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